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Scavenger Hunt

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New to the fair this year as part of our Ag 101: Farm to Fork Activities you will see various Farm Fact posters across the fairgrounds throughout Fair weekend. These posters include a fun Farm Fact about our local agricultural industry as well as a QR code that you can scan which will lead you to our Farm Fact Scavenger Hunt. Below you will find our Farm Fact Leaderboard! As Fair Weekend progresses check back here to see who has answered the most Farm Fact questions correctly for a chance to win a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.


1. Esther Sundercock
Carson Sundercock
Kaden Sundercock
Nathan Sundercock
Emily Burkholder

2.  Ensley Sundercock

3. Sophia Burkholder

4. Jonathan Morley

5. Wanda
Megan Norris

6. Tanya Slater
Jessica Lucas
Lindsey Green

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